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3 Sons Energy Solutions inc is the local solar expert trusted by Long Islanders for professionalism, highest quality and most durable solar panels and equipment while treating you like family. We pride ourselves on our ability to really get to know you, the customer and what is important to you when it comes to one of the biggest investments, your home. We are your neighbors, your friends and the people you trust. We want to make Long Island a better place to live for generations to come through clean, efficient solar power. Let us show you how you can own your future and save money with your own solar panel system. Discover how a money-saving solar system will work for you by contacting 3 Sons Energy Solutions.

3 Sons Energy Solutions Inc is backed by one of the oldest and largest solar installers right here on Long Island. 3 Sons takes a look at you home and your lifestyle not only to determine the best solar option but also to advise on other ways to save on energy usage. We truly treat you like family and if our plan works for you we are confident you will be part of the 3 Sons Energy Family.

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